Speech of the Revolution

Hello Egypt, how is it going there? what a great historical moment!

First of all let me start by saying thank you to the great Tunisian people for making us believe that freedom is possible in this part of the world, for teaching us that peaceful struggle can accomplish what mighty armies have failed to achieve for decades, for allowing us to see with certainty that there is a glimpse of light of freedom at the end of this long and deeply dark tunnel of oppression.

We all stand together in deep sorrow for the loss of the young beautiful roses that have been crushed by the thugs of the previous regimes. We send our condolences to all the families for the loss of their loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We all share your pain and suffering. However, we want to remind you that these martyrs are not dead, they are alive in our hearts and will be alive in the memories of generations to come. Their bravery has been witnessed by all people in the world, and their courage and resilience in the faces of brutal dictators have been an inspiration for all those yearning for freedom across the globe. Their sacrifice is not and will not be in vain, and will be remembered and narrated to generations after generations.

To Al- Bu Azizi, we all bow down to you and salute you in the salutation of peace, and we all pray that may your soul rest in peace for ever. You are the candle that burnt to light the darkest and longest tunnel of oppression humanity have ever seen. You have set yourself on fire to teach us in a hard painful way a precious lesson that a life without dignity is not worth living. You have burnt yourself to show us that protesting against injustice even in the most extreme methods is the minimal and the last resort of an oppressed individual. You have died burning so we can understand the meaning freedom and dignity. You are our hero, You are the symbol of the values of dignity and freedom, You are our Messiah. You have sacrificed yourself to liberate us from our biggest sin, the sin of passivity and tolerance towards injustice. Your image will be hanged on the chests of all free men and women, and your name will echo in all our streets and allies for eternity, and your statue will stand as a symbol and reminder of freedom and dignity in all squares and parks of cities across the entire world.

To the Egyptian people I say you have reminded every one that you are still the greatest nation, you have been the first to take the torch of freedom that has been lit by Al-bu Azizi. Your mighty hand has firmly stretched and toppled down the Hubal of this Age, as the hand of the Prophet Muhammad stretched 14 hundred years ago to demolish the symbol of oppression and injustice in Mecca, and put humanity on the absolute path of freedom it has been yearning for. Your uprising embodies the main principle of His message, that man is born free, that no human being should have an authority over another human, that God must be worshipped directly without any intermediary, that God does not have an image on this earth and cannot be symbolized and must not be idolized in any form, neither can be any human being. That means absolute freedom. Today, The free men and women are still carry this pure teaching and message in their hearts and wrestling with the tyrant Pharaoh of the modern age.

The cynics and enemies of freedom have done all they can to distort this message, deviate you from your goal, and demonize your image in the world. They have continuously said that the people of this region are so backward, that they are so occupied with fighting each other. They said you are full of hatred and that Muslims do not like Christians. They said you know only how to express yourselves in violence, that you can only be ruled by dictators, and that freedom will lead to chaos, but you have proven them wrong. You have stood together in a civilized way we hardly see even in the most cosmopolitan cities of the developed world. You have all stood together young and old, men and women, rich and poor, religious and secular, Muslims and Christians orchestrating the most beautiful symphony of freedom the world has ever seen. You stood firm against the thugs of Mubarak and the thugs who used Mubarak. You have protested despite the hard conditions with a uniquely Egyptian sense of humour. You have made the pyramids of Egypt visible again. The fruit of your struggle will be ripe sooner than you may imagine, you are making history.

To the Algerians, Yemenis, and Jordanians, we say, you have made a good start by breaking the barriers of fears, you need to be firm and consistent in your demands. Victory is only a matter patience.

To the Libyans we say, the world is looking at you. They are expecting a lot from the grandsons of the Lion of the Desert. Your dictator is the longest in power, your country is the riches yet you are the poorest, and the less educated. You have been deliberately humiliated and oppressed more than your uprising neighbors. You have been deprived of the wealth of your country that you watch daily being distributed on African thugs and paid to abusive Western powers in all forms of ridiculous compensations. Above all the great global image that Omer Almukhtar has created for you with his blood, was diminished by the creams and shadows of this eccentric little dictator. His system is the most fragile of all, and his friends are the least. You just need to stand up for your freedom. Your uprising is so urgent, it will not only put an end to the injustice that has continued for more than 4 decades, but it will prevent Gaddafi from being used as a dividing wedge between these emerging free nations, and not allow him to act like decay between these two white revolutions. You will lose nothing but your misery, poverty and oppression. Even if Gaddafi’s thugs used weapons against your uprising, I believe that your casualties will not exceed the reported numbers of road accidents in your country.

To the young people of other Arab and non-Arab countries who still live under the rule of dictators to you I say, that man does not live by bread alone, that freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness are necessities of life as precious as water and oxygen. that You should all stand together and say in one loud voice, enough political oppression, enough economic exploitation, enough social degradation, enough poor education, enough continuous humiliation at home and lack of respect abroad. You should all send one clear message that you will never die on the shores of Europe searching for a better life, that you are ready to die on the streets of your cities to create better places for living in your countries.

To president Obama, we say, as an African American we expect you to be the one who knows what it means and how it feels to live in fear, to be oppressed, marginalized, humiliated on daily basis and silenced. We want you to make it unequivocally clear that you stand by the side of the freedom fighters and not with the dictators and their thugs. We want you to condemn their use of force against civilians, and their control of the media, and more importantly that they should listen to the demands of their people.

To all other Western leaders, we say, you should stand by the principles of freedom, and understand that the age of ruling this region by proxy puppet dictators has gone for ever, and that the people of this region are marching firmly towards true independence.

To Aljazeera, you are the conscience of this world and you still have a greater task ahead to be accomplished.

To all those who supported the revolution on Twitter, Facebook, and other media, and those who took to the streets all over the world, we say thank you. Our struggle is one, and you should always remember that our freedom and prosperity are so bound.

To all free men and freedom seekers across the world, you have known the way, it is about time that you should not be silent, you should not move even one step back against your freedom, do not allow them to fool you that you have to choose between freedom or security, you have to live free and secure.

To all dictators and oppressors across the globe, we say,  that the generation of Facebook and Twitter cannot be fooled, that the generation of hip hop are so brave and revolutionary. You better understand the lesson sooner otherwise you will follow Ben Ali. You should all know that the storm of the revolution that carries the smoke and ashes of dignity is unstoppable. Today a new wold is emerging, and new audacious hopes are rising. It is the beginning of the real change.

Thank you…God bless the free men, God bless the Liberation Square
The President of the United Oppressed Voices


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